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I became interested in photography when I watched my grandfather making prints in his darkroom. I was 10 years old. I remember it well, my first visit to his darkroom, because that was the first, and last time I turned on the light, ruining a black and white print. My grandfather, to his credit, simply laughed. From then on he taught me how to make consistently excellent black and white prints. For the next 35 years I learned all I could as a 'traditional' photographer shooting color as well as B & W.

Today photography has evolved to higher technology, digital. This has had the single most profound affect in photography since the introduction of 35mm cameras. Not wanting to totally abandon traditional photography, I combined both technologies. Using both together has allowed me to expand my subjects. I scanned thousands of slides and negatives before I bought my digital camera. Whereas I shot only landscapes, I now shoot travel, commercial/industrial subjects, sports, and also create special effects.

Now is an exciting time to be in photography, with the latest technologies and software available one is only limited by his or her imagination. If a photograph stirs but just one person's emotions, then it has succeeded.

Established in 2001 by Tom Fant, LUX AETERNA is all about providing fine art prints for home or office, images for advertizing, and licensing of over 125 thousand stock photographs.

All fine art photographs are available in sizes up to 24x36. All are custom printed on the finest archival materials. Larger prints by special order only. All "collections" are limited editions.