The Blue Hill Collection

Maine. Land area: 30,843 square miles. Length of coastline: 3,500 miles. Lakes and ponds: 6000. Forest: 17 million acres. Serenity: virtually unparalleled. That last part we discovered for ourselves.

Our annual vacation with our beloved friends Ronnie and Sherisa was, once again, one for the record books. This time it was in the northern-most part of the continental United States. The Pine Tree State offers an exciting yet serene experience for those who choose to live or vacation there. And we all felt the urge to move there permanently.

We were fortunate enough to stay at The Bungalow, on the shores of Blue Hill Bay, located on Parker Point just outside the town of Blue Hill. As a photographer I could not have asked for a better place to stay because there were wonderful scenes to photograph right outside the door. As you can see from the photographs we had great views of the bay and our own lagoon to enjoy. We could see the tide come and go twice a day. And the mist and fog gave the place ever-changing looks of mystery and serenity. One night Ronnie and I were sitting on the bench on The Point and experienced the most deafening silence. We were compelled to speak softly, or whisper. We felt that a normal tone would have profaned the overwhelming silence. From the shots I took during those moments you can see the water was smooth as glass, the mist and fog appearing to absorb any and all sound from the outside.

The four of us did venture out several days to Acadia National Park and also drove to the towns of Ellsworth, Castine, Bar Harbor, Sedgwick, and Penobscot. All of which offer excellent dining, shops, and photography opportunities. I would say these places haven’t changed all that much. They still have the old classic look of seafaring communities. And once again we have experienced a place that one visit alone is not enough. Thank you Brenda, Sherisa, and Ronnie for another vacation of a lifetime.

All are limited editions of five each and come signed with a Certificate of Authenticity, a serial number and print care instructions. Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

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