Anasazi: The Chaco Canyon Collection, Part 8 - The Call of Chaco: Hawiovi

Kin Kletso and then the petroglyphs near Casa Chiquita. This would be a 5 mile roundtrip hike starting where the paved road ends at Pueblo del Arroyo. About 1/2 mile from the start of the trail Kin Kletso is the most unusual of the ruins in that it resembles a cathedral as evidenced by image number 10 below. Also it is the only ruin in Chaco Canyon that has a rectangular footprint. It was also the easiest to move through and photograph.

Just beyond Kin Kletso the trail starts to incline, adding ever so slight but noticeable difficulty to the hike, the dry air increasing our thirst. Cujo and Maria are well-behaved hiking companions and Ronnie did a great job of keeping them and us hydrated. The trail changes abruptly at Casa Chiquita, becoming more of a natural trail with sudden turns, dips, stream bed crossings, fallen rocks and trees. When we reached the side-trail leading to the petroglyphs we began looking for the little colored markers that would keep us from passing them by. The petroglyphs are quite small and at first glance unimpressive. But when you consider who carved them and when, they become fascinating. As we photographed them we speculated, no doubt as everyone does, their meaning.

We eventually arrived back at the campsite later in the afternoon. Ronnie and Sherisa loaded their vehicle and headed back to Albuquerque. I stayed one more night by myself. I wanted to get some shots of Pueblo Bonito glowing in the early morning light. I am pleased to say that the weather cooperated and I got the images I wanted. I also was able to get some images of Casa Rinconada, the Great Kiva there and the intriguing little doorways.

I am forever grateful to my companions for coming along with me. I will always remember the great meals, conversation (we solved the world’s problems by the fire), watching “Rear Window” with Sherisa on the portable DVD player, Cujo and Maria, and the pleasure of photographing such a unique and mysterious place. We know we will be returning. We are compelled to answer the call…The Call of Chaco.

My sincere thanks to Ronald Roybal for allowing me the honor of using his song “Hawiovi” from his brilliant CD “The Buffalo Hunters”. Ronald is a Native American flutist and classical guitarist in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With his music these photographs convey a true spirit of this beautiful place. For more information about Ronald visit his website:

The site is very interactive with lots of media and ordering CDs & DVDs is easy.


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