The Mysterium Collection

Film Noir. Most lovers of motion pictures know the term. It literally means “black film”. It is not a genre, but rather the mood or tone of a film depicting fear, despair, mystery, paranoia, and a dozen other dark attributes of the human condition. Three of the best examples are Double Indemnity, Touch of Evil and Dr. Strangelove. As photographers today we are very fortunate to have many new and powerful software tools to choose from, giving us the ability to give our photographs that same look and feel.

Although some of the images here contain no people, I do believe they represent quite well some of the conditions listed above. Most of them are of places one can get to quite easily. Others were off the beaten path and access was a lot more difficult. I loved the fact that I could take these originally “not too dramatic” photographs and turn them into scenes of dark mystery.

For these images I used On One Perfect Effects and On One Perfect Black and White. Both have many “one click” dramatic light effects to choose from but for all the pictures I had to do some extra tweaking to get the effects to look their best. To add a bit more mystery I titled them in Latin. Two are titled in Navajo.

This collection is a group of Limited Editions, 5 each, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed, and with a serial #.

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