Places in Parallel: The Quantum Events Illustrated Collection

Certainly quantum physics and parallel universes both confound and fascinate at the same time. There is a saying among physicists: “If you think you understand quantum physics, then you don’t understand quantum physics.”

I certainly don’t. But the very idea is fascinating. And digital photography can certainly illustrate the beauty of both. Those who are familiar with my images know that I work in themes. I have a keen interest in science and am a strong advocate of the scientific method, as it is the single most reliable tool we have for discerning fact from fiction. With this in mind I realized that I could create images that would illustrate the essence of the most esoteric areas of scientific study, though the images themselves may, may that is, only achieve this in the abstract and not the pragmatic. At the very least they should get one thinking about what the possibilities are.

Like the gallery before this one I revisited existing images and reworked them into a new theme. And also like the previous gallery it began from the position of not having clicked a shutter since Wimberley in 2015.

This collection is a group of Limited Editions, 5 each, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed, and with a serial #.

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