The Wall Space Collection

The images on this page represent some of the last shot with film on my “still relevant” Nikon F100. I bought it new in 2000 and at the time was Nikon’s 2nd best pro camera, just below the F5. Like all of Nikon’s pro cameras it has held up extremely well over the years and has given me “zero” trouble. I still use it today even though I now own Nikon’s flagship of resolution, the D800. I see no need to stop using the camera since film is still available and the camera works as well now as it ever has.

In November of 2011, I, along with my step-daughter Melissa Copper and brother-in-law Andrew Brown, drove to the old warehouse district near downtown Houston to photograph the interior of Winter Street Studios, an old furniture factory once scheduled for demolition. Now the home of 75 studios and nearly 100 artists/photographers, it contains thousands of square feet of gallery wall space. There were no exhibits at the time and I felt that the huge empty spaces, mostly lit by natural light coming through the roof and windows would make for some interesting compositions.

There were quite a few artificial light sources, and their affect on the Velvia slide film I was shooting is evidenced by the color-shifted green in the images. These were all unusable images until I converted them to grayscale and then pasted them on top of the originals. Then I used the erase brush on the green areas that I thought would complement the grayscale, resulting in some interesting “select color” images.

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