Wimberley : 4 Days on Smith Creek Collection

The Texas Hill Country is a mecca for urban and suburban escapees, for vacations and retirement both. It is also an excellent place for artists and photographers to practice their passion. And it is especially a great place to spend your anniversary, which is what me and my wonderful wife, Brenda did this past March.

We were lucky enough to reserve the Cozy Cabin, which was part of “The Cabins at Smith Creek” properties just a couple of miles outside Wimberley. Privacy and beautiful scenery abound in this Hill Country center of artistic culture and the people are very friendly. There is no shortage of great restaurants, shops, and art galleries to visit or you can just relax and enjoy the quiet. We found time to do both.

I also found time to cure the withdrawals I was suffering from not photographing anything for months. It did not matter that I was limited to shooting on our part of Smith Creek, being that all properties along the creek are private. But I found plenty of compositions to work with on the one hundred yards of the creek that was ours to explore. I took great pleasure in shooting the same areas from different viewpoints. And it was a welcome challenge to my composing skills.

Smith Creek is not the only waterway in the area, there is also Cypress Creek. It runs right through Wimberley and is easy to get into the middle of the shallow running water. I was fascinated by the huge forked tree limb that had caught itself on one of the many cypress trees in the creek, due to a recent deluge. Obviously the limb had been sawn, but there was no telling specifically where it came from except up stream.

Enjoy these images and if you get the chance, spend a few days with your significant other in Wimberley. Or better still, buy some property and retire there. We hope to.

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